Entrance Requirements at Brave Generation Academy

Embracing Diversity in Education

At Brave Generation Academy (BGA), we are passionate about fostering diversity and providing a personalised education that fits the unique needs of every Learner. We believe that education should be inclusive, empowering, and accessible to all, regardless of background or prior educational experiences. That's why our entrance requirements are designed to be as flexible as possible, ensuring that every Learner has the opportunity to embark on a transformative learning journey with BGA.


Our Only Requirement: Proof of Previous Educational Year Completion

The primary requirement for enrolment at BGA is simple: Learners need to provide proof that they have successfully completed their previous educational year, regardless of the school or educational model they were a part of. We welcome Learners from a wide range of educational backgrounds, including traditional schools, homeschooling, online education, or any other learning path. This commitment to inclusivity means that we embrace the diversity of experiences and learning styles that each Learner brings to our community.


Placement Test for Learners Without Proof of Completion

We understand that not all Learners may have access to formal documentation of their previous educational year, especially if they were not part of an educational institution. In such cases, we offer a placement test to help determine the appropriate starting point for their BGA journey. This test assists us in assessing the Learner's current knowledge and skills, allowing us to recommend whether they should begin with Lower Secondary, IGCSEs, or A-Levels. Our goal is to ensure that Learners receive an education that aligns with their abilities and aspirations.


Placement Table of Equivalencies

Level British  American



Year 7 Grade 6
Year 8 Grade 7
Year 9 Grade 8
IGCSEs Year 10 Grade 9
Year 11 Grade 10
A-Levels Year 12 Grade 11
Year 13 Grade 12


Join the BGA Community Today

At BGA, we believe that every Learner has the potential to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the world. Our flexible entrance requirements reflect our commitment to providing an educational model that accommodates the diverse needs of our Learners. Whether you come from a traditional school or a unique learning background, we welcome you to join our inclusive and empowering community.


If you have any questions about our entrance requirements or would like to learn more about how BGA can support your educational journey, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our admissions team. We look forward to helping you embark on a transformative learning experience with BGA!


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