BGA's Academic Offer: A Pathway to Excellence

Explore BGA's Comprehensive Curriculum Options and Unique Pathways

At Brave Generation Academy (BGA), we are committed to providing diverse and enriching academic experiences that empower our Learners to excel in their education journey. Our academic offerings are designed to cater to a wide range of interests, ages, and aspirations. Let's delve into the heart of our academic programs.


Curriculum Choices

BGA offers two distinct curriculum options, allowing Learners to tailor their educational path to their unique goals and preferences.

British International Curriculum: This accredited program, recognised by Pearson-Edexcel, is structured across different levels:

  • Lower Secondary (ages 12-14): The foundation stage where Learners build essential skills and knowledge.
  • IGCSE (ages 14-16): A more advanced stage focusing on specialised subjects and preparation for higher-level studies.
  • A-Levels (ages 16-18): The pinnacle of the British International Curriculum, where Learners sit for A-Levels exams, paving the way for direct university applications worldwide.

Completion of this curriculum equips Learners with a globally recognised qualification, opening doors to prestigious universities around the world.


American Core Curriculum: Designed for Learners as young as 11 years old, this curriculum is made possible through a partnership with the eCampus Academy and US University Pathways. It empowers Learners to:

  • Earn a U.S. high school diploma.
  • Seamlessly transition to American colleges or universities.

For detailed information about this program, please visit our partner's website at


Choose Your Path

At BGA, we understand that Learners have unique aspirations. That's why we offer two distinct paths:

Path 1: For Learners who prefer a conventional route, this path leads to the completion of their chosen curriculum and the attainment of a secondary education certificate (high school diploma).

Path 2: The Unique Pathway (UP): Available to Learners who have successfully completed their IGCSEs (equivalent to the 10th grade of the American and Portuguese curriculums) or an equivalent qualification. [Click here to know more about UP]


At BGA, our academic offerings are a testament to our commitment to providing a world-class education that caters to every Learner's needs and aspirations. We believe that education should be a personalised and empowering journey, and our curriculums and pathways are crafted to make that vision a reality. Join us at BGA and embark on a transformative educational adventure. 


Your future awaits!



BGA has several universally-recognised accrediting bodies, depending on the location and programme.

[Click here to Know more about our accreditation bodies]