UP's Progression Routes

Unlocking a World of Opportunities

At Brave Generation Academy, the Unique Pathway (UP) programme offers a multitude of progression opportunities for Learners. With close collaboration with prestigious partner universities worldwide, UP presents distinct pathways for Learners, providing flexibility to pursue their aspirations and goals. Let's explore the diverse progression opportunities available within the UP programme, opening doors to a world of possibilities for Learners across various fields.

Progression Routes

Brave Generation Academy has established strategic collaborations with esteemed international universities, enabling us to extend the scope of our educational offerings to encompass higher education degrees alongside our progressive learning model. This strategic alliance enables us to extend our pioneering approach to education across a wider demographic spectrum, thus promoting lifelong learning by affording comprehensive resources to Learners of all ages.

Every degree offered through the UP Program presents distinctive progression routes, and in some cases, multiple routes per degree. 

Delve into the subsequent sections to gain insight into the diverse UP Pathways (degrees) and their corresponding progression routes.

Business Management and Computing Science Pathways: 

Official University Partner: Bolton University, UK

Both pathways are composed of different qualification levels that lead you to obtain a BSc diploma through Bolton University in the UK. 

These qualifications are recognised by ATHE (https://athe.co.uk), a global and regulated awarding organisation. ATHE has partnered with several national and international tertiary institutions that offer an assortment of higher education progression qualifications. 

For these two pathways, Learners have several options after completing our Level 5 qualification from UP:

1. Finalise their degree by taking the third year presentially at Bolton University, under their traditional educational model. 

Certificates that can be obtained: Bolton BSc in Business or BEng in Software Engineering.

2. Finalise their degree by completing the three years exclusively with UP, under our educational model, in the city of their choice or travelling around BGA’s Hubs. 

Certificates that can be obtained: Bolton BSc in Business or BEng in Software Engineering.

3. Transfer their degree to one of the many ATHE partner universities, taking ownership of their own process. Each university will analyse applications on a case-by-case basis, which does not guarantee Learners entrance directly into their third year (Level 6) without the need to write exams. 

Certificates that can be obtained: Degree from the ATHE partner university of their choice.

4. Exit on lower qualification levels, not obtaining a degree, but gaining competencies that are on the same academic level as the first or second year of university.

Sports and Leisure Pathway:

Official University Partner: eta College, South Africa

Upon successful completion of the Sports and Leisure Certificate, there are two opportunities for progression available: Bachelor of Management in Sports and Leisure or Bachelor of Exercise in Sport and Leisure.

Sports and Leisure Certificates are recognised internationally by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) of South Africa. 

Learners from the Sports and Leisure Pathway finalise their degree by completing the three years at UP, under our educational model, at the city of their choice or travelling around BGA's Hubs. 

Certificates that can be obtained: eta College South Africa Bachelor of Management in Sport and Leisure or a BSc in Sport and Leisure.

Education Pathway:

Official University Partner: Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Upon successful completion of the Education PDQs, there is one opportunity for progression available: Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Education. UP uses the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) to gain credit towards higher education courses from Anglia Ruskin University, helping Learners to achieve the next step in their education career in a quick and cost-effective manner. 

The Education PDQs are benchmarked by the Framework for Higher Educational Qualifications (FHEQ) for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  

Learners from the Education Pathway finalise their degree by completing the three years at UP, under our educational model, at the city of their choice or travelling around BGA's Hubs. 

Certificate obtained upon successful completion: Anglia Ruskin University BA in Education


The Unique Pathway (UP) programme at Brave Generation Academy opens up a world of opportunities for Learners seeking career advancement and higher education. With tailored progression routes, Learners can customise their educational journey and pursue their passions in various fields. UP's partnership with prestigious universities ensures the value and recognition of UP qualifications, providing Learners with the skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers. Embrace the transformative UP programme and unlock a bright future filled with possibilities at Brave Generation Academy.